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Inform your target audience

It's the only event made to attract both transit bus, motorcoach and school bus operators and industry professionals active in North America. A unique opportunity to reach out to your target group!

Meet other bus people

About your products & developments

  • Get a speaking slot in one of the sessions
  • OR sell your business in a 15 min. pitch
  • Showcase your products and projects in your company profile
Generate sales leads

And generate sales leads

Create brand awareness during the event, let the attendees get familiar with your products, services and projects and let your team members get in direct contact with them:

  • Connect with the attendees relevant to you on the platform (AI Matchmaking)
  • Hold one-to-one virtual meetings
  • And find out what you can mean to your leads
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"It is high time for the industry to meet again, don't you think? Since it is not possible to organize live business events, Busworld offers you this online platform where the industry can gather again to meet potential customers, show their products and participate actively in a knowledge sharing program. After all, better a digital sales lead than no sales lead, right? Let's join forces!"
Vincent Dewaele, General Manager, Busworld International
Busworld North America Digital Summit

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