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Conference FEB 5-7, 2023

Transit Bus - School Bus - Motorcoach

Some sessions will be focused on one segment, other sessions will be relevant for all. Watch out for the T - S - M indications. 

The program is still under construction. If you want to participate as a speaker or have an idea about a relevant topic, contact us. 

Please take note that the conference takes place Sunday, February 5 - Tuesday, February 7. The exhibition occurs Saturday, February 4 - Monday, February 6. This staggered schedule will allow for participation by attendees and exhibitors.


2023, February 5th



(S-M) Trends and Evolutions in the Insurance of Motorcoaches and School Buses

Keynote presentations by Lancer and National Interstate on their vision on matters related to insuring motorcoach and school bus operations (vehicles, passengers, staff, depot, etc.), followed by an open discussion with the attendees.

  • Robert A. Crescenzo, Vice President Safety/Loss Control, Lancer Insurance
  • Speaker National Interstate

Moderator: Ron Bast, Owner, Go Riteway Transportation Group, Oak Creek, Wisconsin


(M) Lessons Learned from Aviation & Presentation of the International Transportation Industry Chamber

This panel will bring together experts from the aviation industry to elaborate on key points, concepts, and lessons learned from the industry’s transformation, modernization, and adaptation to customer trends. A 360-degree customer view caters to preferences across the whole journey, which gradually creates new business opportunities and room for innovation around topics like loyalty, rewards programs, dynamic ticket pricing, and more. And as the industry adjusts post-pandemic, the new normal for passengers means these processes should be seamless, contactless, hassle-free, and health-risk-free.


  • Kunal Shah, Principal Architect, American Airlines

  • Richard Velasquez, Director, Southwest Airlines


Presentation on 'International cooperation for better business'

  • Dr. Augusto de Felippes, CEO, International Transportation Industry Chamber
Organised by Endava

(M-T) Infotainment Systems and Ancillary Revenue in Public Transit and Motorcoach Operations

Join this session to explore the world of infotainment from hardware to software, as well as the countless opportunities, new business models, and revenue streams created by the smart use of ancillary revenue streams. Customers worldwide are used to prime levels of entertainment and connectivity and expect access to their preferred modes of entertainment in transit as well. We will look at trends from other industries and how modern experiences allow for quicker time to market and fewer required investments to wow travellers on their trip from A to B.


  • NEW YORK CITY METROPOLITAN AREA & ENDAVA, Mark Lulic, Senior Industry Consultant – Financial Services

Organised by Endava

(M-T-S) Connectivity and IoT for improved Operations and Ridership

Dive deeper with us into the world of connected vehicles, which will touch on subjects like predictive maintenance, improved fleet management, and operations to help improve ridership. With more fleets moving to electric, predictive charging, route optimization, and smart fleet, deployments will become a critical success factor for bus operations. Join us on this panel to explore these topics and the effects of IoT on the passenger experience, safety, and more.


  • DETROIT DoT, Tony Geara, Mobility, ITS & Traffic Engineer

  • ADASTEC, Dr. Ali Peker, CEO

  • ENDAVA, Vince Francis, Vice President

  • Steve Chaffee, Independent Mobility Consultant

Organised by Endava
2023, February 6th



(M-T-S) The Role of the Bus, Motorcoach and School Bus in Multimodal Mobility as a Service

Look into the future with us, where mobility hubs will be part of significant parts of every city, passengers can seamlessly transfer between modes of transport, and payments for multimodal journeys occur on a per-trip basis with monthly mobility subscriptions. The travel experience is frictionless, flexible, and connected. We will explore the role of buses in multimodal Mobility as a Service systems and what strategies bus operators and public transit agencies can deploy to maintain the relevance and prominence of buses in the urban mobility ecosystem.

  • DETROIT DoT, Speaker tbc
Organised by Endava

(M-T) Ticketing and Frictionless Payments

Be part of the discussion on innovations brought to the bus industry through payments, ticketing, and more. Many industries are evolving based on innovations in payments, subscriptions, and digital ticketing, as well as payments and settlement orchestrations, opening new possibilities for collaboration and exploring new business models. With customers’ credit cards now digitally ready at their fingertips, businesses need to ensure payments are as frictionless as possible.

  • VISA/MASTERCARD, Speaker tbc

Organised by Endava

(M-T-S) Overview of the ZE Bus and Motorcoach Implementation on the North American Market, compared to the rest of the world

CEO’s of the most important vehicle manufacturers present their ZE buses and motorcoaches and their vision on the future evolution in powertrains and fuels. How do they see prices evolve? What will be the solution(s) for long haul operations?

  • Keynote: “Overview of the North American Bus and Motorcoach market”
    • Krishna Achuthan, Program Manager at Frost & Sullivan
  • CEO's debate:
    • François Tremblay, President, Prevost & Volvo Coaches North America (Volvo Buses)
    • Speaker from KEOLIS

(M-T) Zero Emission Options for Long-Range Applications

Will batteries in the future make 250+ mile operations possible, or is fuel cell & hydrogen the best technology for such lines? Is opportunity charging infrastructure for battery electric buses the solution for zero emission long haul operations or for full day electric bus operations in the city?

  • Pierre Gourdain, Senior Managing Director US, Canada, Flixbus
  • Brent Maitland, Vice President Private Sector Sales and Marketing, Motor Coach Industries (MCI)
Organised by CTE
2023, February 7th



(M-T-S) Fleet Operator & Utility Providers: Models for Collaboration

Bus electrification goes far beyond the vehicles themselves. Utilities are the new fuel provider and have a vested interest in ensuring successful fleet electrification efforts in their communities. What are some strategies that bus owner-operators, electric utilities, and third-party providers are using to build strong partnerships that ensure fleet electrification at scale?

  • Jeff Hiott, Vice President Enterprise Program Management, Capital Metro
Organised by CTE

(M-T-S) Strategies for Scaling Charging & Hydrogen Infrastructure at Bus Depots

How are bus owner-operators designing for the electric depot of the future? What technologies and methods are helping to scale charging infrastructure while managing costs? What opportunities does hydrogen fueling provide for scaling a zero-emission fleet? What are options to outsource charging and/or hydrogen fueling equipment?

  • Sunline Tours (CA)
Organised by CTE

(M-T-S) Insurance Matters, Safety Matters and Depot Adaptations When Deploying Electric Buses, Motorcoaches and School Buses

The charging of electric buses or the fuelling of fuel cell and hydrogen vehicles involves new risk management. What are these risks? How to prevent them? And how do insurance companies react to the implementation of new energy buses and coaches in your company? What lessons can be learned from self-insured transit agencies?

  • Doug Holcomb, General Manager/CEO, Bridgeport
  • Fredrik Rosen, Business Manager Europe, Middle East, North-, West- and Central Africa, DAFO
  • Ashlee McLaughlin, Champaign Urbana MTD
  • Robert A. Crescenzo, Vice President Safety/Loss Control, Lancer Insurance
Organised by CTE

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